First Time Users:
The first time you log in, enter your account number in the Login box and enter the last six digits of your Social Security Number in the password box. The option to change your username will be available to you as a menu option once inside home banking.

Password Change Requirements: All passwords must be between 6 to 15 characters long. To increase security,we recommend that you use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
If you need further assistance please contact the credit union at 317-240-5040.

Forgot your username? Forgot your password?

Our data processor has taken steps to protect our member information and provide greater security to home banking. However, to provide further protection, we strongly encourage you to change your passwords to home banking and any other sites that contain sensitive personal information. We also recommend that you do not use any passwords that you have used within the past two years as that is the potential time frame of this threat.